The beginnings


In 1962, three friends with different business experience decide to set up a new company, involving a fourth mutual friend by entrusting him with its management. Mida initially had four partners: engineer Giuseppe Mascetti, owner of Comet Nastri Adesivi ( later bought by Beiersdorf), Doctor Azzalin, Alessandro Mosca and Ermanno Grassi, Comet’s purchasing department manager.

At the time, cardboard packaging was often tampered with in order to steal some of the contents. The neutral adhesive tape was removed, some of the contents were taken out, and the package was resealed with similar tape, easily available on the market. The adhesive tape printed by Mida and personalized with the client’s brand, in addition to being a good advertising vehicle, also limited the risk of theft.

The initial machine park consisted of two flexographic machines with limited printing options and with a maximum of 2 colors.

In Varese, in the stables of the Grassi family’s villa, the activity of overprinting adhesive tape on behalf of Comet gets underway. stabilimento

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