The idea that...changes everything

In order to improve production and find new technology to copy in Italy, Mascetti and Grassi took a trip to the United States. While visiting two of the sector’s companies, respectively in Pittsburgh and Gloucester, they discovered that in America the same machines used by Mida already printed self-adhesive labels. In the 1960s in Italy, paper labels and glue were produced and self-adhesive ones were almost unheard of. Mida’s chiefs sensed its potential and, on their return to Italy, asked a company in Varese to create a machine for punching and printing self-adhesive labels, thus initiating what would become their main activity for the next fifty years.

In 1965 the first stone of the factory in San Salvatore di Malnate was laid. In the photo, the project of the factory’s first electric cabin. (We thank the architect Adriano Veronesi for the image


In those years production was made up of, in addition to overprinting of adhesive tapes, the creation of printed and plain labels and flexographic printing of cellophane wrappers mainly for the confectionary industry.

The machine park acquires its first Gallus Q 33 with pre-cut flat and letterpress printing in 2 colors. gallusQ33

Speaking of sweets, those were the first years of television adverts and many of these have remained etched in Italians’ memories. Here is the publicity for Dufour sweets:

In that period Mida also produced, with specific equipment, labels printed on fabric for the clothing industry.

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