The present and the future


In 2007 the company was bought by Fondo DGPA Capital and by Paolo Boldoni, who took on the role of Chief Executive Officer and assumed its management. The new structure intended to consolidate the historic mission that allowed MIDA to become leader in the Italian sector of self-adhesive labels, also through acquisitions and mergers that have increased its market share. In 2009, with the purchase and merging of MCG Grafica, it started production of shrink sleeves. These are shrinkable labels in a plastic film that represent a strategic diversification, thanks to which Mida has widened its range of solutions it can offer to clients in the food and beverage, cosmetic, personal care, alimentary, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.


Paolo Boldoni
Range of products with shrink sleeves.

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The sleeves’ importance was confirmed a few months later by the purchase of a new printing press, the Omet 530 Variflex F1. Investment in the new “Flexo flagship” enhanced the productive capacity of labels and sleeves, allowing an excellent performance in terms of speed and band width and combining high-quality printing with reduced production costs for large quantities.

To complete the Company’s current machine park, a silk-screen digital machine, an offset and three typographical machines have been added to the four Flexo machines.

The sleeves in action:

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Serving the visually impaired
The legislation in force in our country states that the pharmacist, when requested by the patient, must place an adhesive label on the medicine box with the expiry month and year printed in Braille . In 2009, Mida supplied the necessary Braille labels to label all the medical stock of over 19,000 Italian pharmacies.
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What's next?
Today Mida is a solid company that is looking to the future with the ambition to anticipate the needs of its customers by focusing on investments in the latest technology, by developing integration solutions with its clients and by strategic partnerships with complementary companies that will allow it to propose new solutions at very competitive prices. It is a company whose main clients are the Italian branches of major and medium multinational companies with decision-making centers all over Europe, and this latter aspect is facilitating its progressive internationalization.

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