The years of specialization and the pharmaceutical market

In the 1980s, investments led the company to aim at a sector that was particularly stimulating and challenging: the pharmaceutical market. Investment in the new R160 UV Gallus printing presses provided a considerable qualitative leap, but it was by perfecting labels and its service to its clients that Mida was able to establish itself in the sector.

A convention of Gipea, with Giuseppe Vanoli, president, (second from the right) with, from the left, Mrs Cattaneo, Ragioner Viscardi, the association’s secretaries, and professor Chasseur


In 1989 Mida was one of the founding companies of Gipea, Gruppo Italiano Produttori Etichette Autoadesive (the Italian Group of Producers of Self-adhesive Labels). Giuseppe Vanoli served as president for two consecutive terms.


First number of Gipea newsletter


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Partnership in... the genome
During that time, self-adhesive and thermal labels for weighing scales became more commonly used. Mida answered with a close partnership with some of the sector’s most important companies, including Berkel and Sauter, which yielded interesting new orders, in particular one destined for the first supermarkets in Russia (in those days it was still the Soviet Union).

Forerunners of In-mold
Through the purchase of its first Gallus R 300, the Company entered the market of ice cream in tubs. During a partnership with an important local producer of tubs, it specialized in the production of 6-color labels in a large format, which its partner stuck directly on the lids using a labeler that was designed and created by Mida for the purpose. This solution satisfied the ice cream producers’ needs by supplying them with tubs that were already labeled; this technique anticipated, ahead of its time, the solutions achieved today by in-mold technology.

No more fraud against the National Health Service: the Pharmaceutical Optical Label is born

At the beginning of the 1990s, whilst actively participating in a study group made up of Assographics (which was created following a request from Farmindustria) that aimed to resolve the problem of fraud in the pharmaceutical sector, Mida started the “VIDEOPHARM” project that would form the base for the creation, in the 2000s, of the Pharmaceutical Optical Label, printed on behalf of the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint. schema-bollino-ottico
Interpretative scheme of optical label

1999 Arrival in the digital era
In 1999, the first digital printing press is installed in the San Salvatore di Malnate factory, the Gallus 330, created in partnership with Indigo. As sometimes happens with pioneering products, it was a challenging and expensive project but the experience was essential to enable Mida to establish itself as the leader in a growing market, starting from its purchase of the first Digital HP in Europe, the new WS 4050, in 2005.

Giuseppe Vanoli at the official press release of the HP Indigo, 5 October 2005.

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Winning card: Quality and inspections
In 1994 Mida, second in its sector in Italy, obtained the UNI EN ISO 9002 certification and in 2002 it passed to the ISO 9001:2000 certification. In 2009, as proof of its increasing environmental awareness, it was awarded the UNI-EN-ISO 14001:2004 certification, which was followed by the FSC certification in 2011. This certificate, through the brand’s chain of custody, reassures clients (and, in turn, their clients) that our labels are printed on paper that comes from sustainable forests.
In 2003, it was the first national company to include a machine that checks 100% of its labels during the production process, and had broad support from its most important pharmaceutical clients.

Machine to check 100% of the labels. The image of every single label produced is compared to the master to identify the slightest defect. macchina-controllo

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